Monmouthshire Masons - Social Activities

Social Activities


In a small Province, such as ours, the social calendar may not seem very hectic in comparison with others. Nevertheless there are a number of events organised each year, and each event is normally intended to support a particular charity or worthy cause. Recently, however, we have had to spend a great deal of money on the various premises in the Province, and some of the events are intended to pay for the work that we have had to do.

Each event is normally organised or sponsored by a lodge or by the management committee of the premises which needs to raise funds. They are notified by circulated information to lodge members, and by notice-boards. For events organised by a masonic centre or by a lodge, the secretaries of the lodges involved, or the person notified as the organiser, can be contacted for information. For events organised for the Province as a whole, any of the lodge secretaries can be contacted, or the person notified as the organiser.

What sort of events we organise

The various events fall into several categories:

  • Ladies' Nights. These are normally organised by the Master of each lodge towards the end of his year in office. It is intended as a sort of "thank you" to his wife and family for putting up with his frequent absence from home on masonic business. At the same time it is an opportunity for friends from different lodges to re-acquaint, and to bring their families and friends. These are normally "black tie" dinner dances, and usually make a substantial surplus which is donated to a local charity of the Master's choice.
  • Dinners (sometimes with musical entertainment). These are sometimes organised to raise funds for improvements to the premises, and sometimes for charity. These also are usually open to family and friends.
  • Concerts. These are usually organised specifically to support a charity appeal, and may take place in one of our own buildings or in a public concert hall.
  • Jumble sales, auctions etc. An excuse to turn some unwanted bits and pieces into cash for charity in an interesting and entertaining way.
  • Carol services and children's parties. Normally organised by lodges for their own members and friends, they are aimed to involve the children as much as possible.
  • Golf society. Please see the separate page.
  • Newport Masonic Ladies' Club. Please see the separate page.